Day 59: Kaysersberg/ Interlaken

We woke up, bright and early this morning after having had great sleeps in the super comfy beds! At 6:00, Audrey and dad were already out of the house, and had gone to a bakery. The lovelyLandlord of the house baked is a cake yesterday, so when we woke up, we enjoyed tea and cake. Before Audrey came back, mum and I quickly wrapped all of Audrey’s birthday presents for tomorrow. When the others came back, we started packing, and watched some GLEE. Then, we checked out, and the landlord even remembered that it was Audrey’s birthday tomorrow, and bought her a present. We loaded the car, and then went for a walk in the town. It is literally like a fairytale or a movie set! Every house has beautiful flowers hanging off it, gorgeous designs paired on them, and calves shapes. Along the way, we did have a few pitstops. First, we stopped at an amazing bakery to grab pastries. Then, we went to a gingerbread shop which smelt amazing inside! Finally, we stopped off at a baking store that had all sorts of handy kitchen and baking gadgets. We got back in the car after taking some nice pictures. We drove 20 minutes to a nice restaurant where we had lunch. Soup, pie and ice cream. Then, we drove another 5 minutes to a World War I museum which I was not looking forward to, although dad really wanted to go. It ended up not being nearly as bad as I expected, I quite enjoyed it actually! We were then off to Switzerland! The drive was three hours, and we almost managed to complete it without any stops. When we were about to cross the boarder from France to Switzerland, I made mum and dad pull over so that I could had 1 foot in each country. It was awesome, and there were even stoned layer down on the ground. In Basel (where we crossed the boarder), we were so close to Germany, I really wanted to go for a few minutes, but it was 20 minutes out of our way. We drove the extra hour, and arrived in Interlaken, Switzerland! We found and got settled in our apartment, bought supermarket dinner and watched tv then prepare for Aud’s bday. At the supermarket, I bought Audrey a packet cake mix to bake for her birthday tomorrow! I made the cake, while mum got presents ready. We did all that while watching ratatouille which was Audrey’s movie choice.