Day 55: Paris

Today’s our first full day in Paris, and I cannot wait! Its 20-30 degrees outside, and the sun is shining. Dad, Audrey and I went out for a walk in the streets of Paris. We found a super cute French bakery, where we grabbed some pastries and sat on the woven chairs. Dad and i shared an almond croissant and it was amazing! No one at the bakery spoke English, so we had to attempt to speak French, which no one really understood;). We then bought Polly and Mum back chocolate and almond croissants. We headed out as a family at about 10 am. We walked all around the 11th District, and some adjoining neighbourhoods to the hotel, stopping for bowls of hot chocolates, mid-morning. We walked some more, then headed for some shade in the park and a playground, but on the way, we  got picnic supplies - baguettes, french cheeses, pear paste, olives, fresh fruit and sparkling non-alcoholic apple cider. After our little, French picnic, we headed for the canals but got very tired and hot on thew way. It was already 4:30pm and everyone was fading. Audrey had been desperate all day for a passionfruit macaron, and we went into so many patisseries and boulangeries to find them but no luck. We finally walked to an area with three bakeries and found them at one of the bakeries! All it had were a few croissants, and macaroons. Audrey, Polly and Dad got an Uber back to the hotel while Hayley and I got on the Uber Bikes and rode them! When we arrived back at the room, we had showers, got changed, and stayed in the room to relax a while. At 5:00pm, Mum and Dad headed out for cocktails and people watching. We ended up being out all night until 10pm. Ben and I went for cocktails and people watching. Dad walked to get us at about 8:00pm and then walk to the restaurant while Mum walked straight to the restaurant. We all met up at 8pm for our first French bistro of steak and chips, and crembrule! It was amazingly delicious! Can’t wait for tomorrow!