Day 52: Bergen

This morning, we all woke up super late, but exhausted. For once, we decided to stay and relax in the room until about midday. During that time, we payed games, watched TV, pottered, and had bread rolls for breakfast :). At midday, we all finally got motivated enough to get dressed and leave the house to go into and walk around town. There were heaps of souvenir shops. I have a small collection of miniatures that I’ve collected over the course of the trip, so there, I got a set of small, colourful houses that symbolise Norway to add to my collection. There were also lots of beautiful Scandinavian homeware/stationary stores. There’s a really nice brand called Design letters, and I’ve been thinking about getting something from them ever since we first saw them at the Copenhagen airport. Everything is so expensive but the one thing that I desperately wanted was on sale. I still didn’t have enough money to buy it, and it was about the same price as my lunch would be, so I made a deal with mum and dad; I wouldn’t get lunch if they could buy me this. Successfully, they said yes! It’s this really cool message board that I can hang up on my wall. The only colour they had was navy blue, but that’s the traditional colour here in Norway. They also didn’t have any letters to go with the board, so I had to go to another store 5 minutes away to buy the letters. I was so excited, and couldn’t wait to use it on a daily basis in Siena. After buying Audrey and Polly a few birthday gifts, we walked back to the apartment. We had a very relaxed afternoon back at the apartment. Playing games, watching Tv. We even went down to the supermarket to buy ingredients to back. I made delicious lemon cookies. Dad made a pasta bake for dinner, and we watched GLEE until 10 pm (again).