Day 47: Nordfjordeid/ Trollstigen Camping

This morning, we were all awake by 7am, as we had to pack. We were planning on leaving the cabin by 9am, but we had ALOT of packing to do. For the adventure trip, we needed to seperate everything we brought with, and the bare minimum we need to carry with us for the next few days. After eating our pizza scrolls, we left the cabin, and drove 15 minutes to the car ferry. We have a bad track record on getting to the ferry late, and just making it on, so we got there 20 minutes early this time. The ferry had some stunning views, as to be expected. All the hills look exactly like in The Lorax, but no one else thinks that ;)). The ferry only lasted 15 minutes, and then the next leg of our trip was another 15 minute drive. We finally arrived at the boat shed, where we were starting the adventure trip! We thought there was going to be another group coming with us, but yesterday they canceled, so now it’s just us, which we were SUPER glad about. We met the guide Gun, did some briefing, and got all of our clothes and activities into waterproof bags. Because most of the trip except Scandinavia was really hot, we didn’t shlep all of our jumpers, and hiking boots and gloves etc around with us. Instead, back in Siena, we loaded a whole box that we would need for this one leg of the trip, and sent it to this company. It arrived a few weeks ago, and they’ve kept it since. It’s so nice to be in a cool environment, and to not be sweating 24/7. We then loaded all the kayaks with our bags, the tents, sleeping bags, sleeping bag liners, sleeping mats, and food. I had my own kayak, and the others shared in pairs. Over the 2 hours that we were kayaking, the views were absolutely stunning. It’s crazing that we were kayaking in the fjords of Southern Norway! With having made a few stops on the way, we made it o where we’re going to be canning out tonight. Once we parked the kayaks, he told us that there can be ticks in the grass, bees flying around and adders. Polly hates this sort of adventurous stuff, so was a little freaked out for a while, and would even put her toe on the grass. Audrey has never been camping before, so this is her first time and so far, she is loving it! This place is an old, abandoned farm, and it’s tiny. There is sheep poo everywhere, and you can see many sheep in the distance. We unpacked all the food, and had a quick, cold cuts on bread type of lunch. Then, we made and set up the tents, which is mine and dad’s favourite part. The late risers (Polly and Mum) are sleeping together, and the early birds (Audrey, Dad and I) are sleeping together. The tents are not very big, but we’ll see how we go. Since then, we’ve just been exploring this whole place. There’s also no toilet her, so we have to go on the hill which is not very practical ;). We bought with 2 fishing nets, so we’ve been fishing a lot. After standing there for about 2 hours, Polly finally caught quite a large fish!! I was so impressed! She hooked it in the back, so we could Mønt put it back in the water. She was really upset to have to kill a fish, cause she never dreamt she would actually catch one. I helped Gun cut of the head, and take all the fish guts out so that everything can eat it for dinner. Everyone said I should be a surgeon, because I’m not squeamish. It was time for dinner. We got a fire going, and started off by cooking some veggies. Then, we added some pasta and other bits and pieces to the mix. It was delicious. After dinner, we boiled some water on the fire, and sat around the fire drinking our hot drinks.