Day 49: ~ Camping ~

Last night, we all slept surprisingly amazingly, under the windy, and rainy conditions. It was quite heavily raining in the morning, so we staying all cosy in our tents until about 9:00. When the rain finally died down a tad, we got all rugged up, and went to have breakfast. After a simple but tasty breakfast, we got the fishing lines ready, and went fishing in the shallow lake. We had a lure that supposedly catches trout, but unfortunately, we had no luck. Then, mum and I thought it would be a great idea to go canoeing in the rain. As you can imagine, it wasn’t ;). Right near the camp sight, it’s all rocks and too shallow, so for a start, we had to get on our flip flops and push the canoe to a deeper area. The water was FREEZING, literally like ice! Our feet at this point were bright red like tomatoes! We were then going strong, canoeing down the stream, although we had to get out every now and again to push. We got to a really shallow part, and had to push the canoe for at least 10 metres, until we got to a knee-high area at least. I started by getting in the back of the canoe, and then made the horrible mistake of telling mum to climb over the front seat, so she could sit in it. Long story short, we capsized in freezing, cold water. We actually thought we were going to get hyperthermia it was so cold! I managed to get up first, and was too busy laughing my head off that mum couldn’t get up. I quickly moved the canoe and helped her up, and we were soon laughing together. From capsizing, the canoe completely filled with water, we had to flip it upside down to drain it all out. We made it back to the campsite, safe and ... I wish I could say dry. We were absolutely SOAKED. It was raining and cold on top of us just being purely soaked. We quickly stripped off all our wet layers, and were left with nothing really, but kept on a pair of leggings and a jumper. Previously, we were wearing 3 pairs of pants and 5 tops. We sat under the shelter for a while, hoping to dry off. It was very unsuccessful. We then ran to our tents, trying not to get more wet. I literally had no dry clothes except pyjamas, so had to borrow one of dad’s T-shirts, and wear my pyjama shorts. Mum and I lay side by side in our dry clothes, all cosy in our sleeping bags. We pt the hoods on and did them up, so all you could see was our noses. We looked like gnomes. Once we finally warmed up a bit, mum and I got properly dressed, we ran through the rain to the tarp where we were having lunch. Just bread, meat cheese and so on... After some food, mum and Audrey went off together to have a nap, while Dad, Polly and I came into our tent to play games and just chat. Once the rain died down a bit, we walked to a flat, grassy area to play a tennis sort of game that we brought with us from Greece. That was very short-lived, due time o the heavy rain that started just as we began. During the afternoon, we all just pottered and went fishing, played games under the shelter, and went canoeing all in the rain. At 7:00pm, we decided to start to prepare dinner. At this point, it was resining quite heavily so was really hard to start an hour. It took dad about an hour to really get it going. When there was a clear break in the rain, Audrey, Polly and I made s’mores! We tasted marshmallows on the fire, broke off some chocolate, and stuffed it inside 2 Anzac  biscuits. For dinner, we cooked meatballs, veggies, and mash potatoes from a packet. Within 30 minutes, the food was cooked and we were ready to eat. It was very basic, but substantial. Throughout the rainy day, many people were wet, and miserable for a while but we managed to survive! I’ve had a great time being out here in the middle of nowhere, although I’ve basically been in wet clothes all day :). To end our fun but wet and adventurous day, Audrey, Dad and I listened to a podcast about ‘Dancing Queen’ by ABBA. We were all so exhausted, we fell asleep within 10 minutes of listening.