Day 45: Copenhagen/Oslo/Ålesund

This morning, we woke up quite early, with mum and dad telling us that we have to pack as quick as we can. I’m a pretty neat person, but for some reason it was like my bag exploded, and I had stuff everywhere! When we were all packed, it was about 9:00am, so we went down, to store our suitcases in the lockers in the lobby. Because you can put everything on card in Copenhagen, our goal was to not get a single bit of money out of the ATM, and sadly, that goal came to an end when we had to pay for the lockers with coins :(. When mum was packing, she realised that she didn’t pack the right amount of tablets for the rest of the trip, so before we went for breakfast, we walked to the nearest chemist to quickly get them. After, we stoped of at a pharmacy, we walked to the train station via a 7 eleven, where we got our cheap-ish breakfast. Just as we were walking to the train station, it started bucketing down with rain, so we all tried to run to the station. We managed to catch a train super easily, and we were off to a science museum called The Experimentarium, which was similar to Questacon in Canberra. It was perfect timing, because even before the rain, we planned to go here indoor. It was awesome! I loved all the brain problems, and also all the dissected bodies. After that cool experience, we got the bus to a nice, little village where we gate Danish Scones, and looked at all the designer stores. It pretty quickly started to rain again, so we jumped on another bus back to the hotel, where we picked up our luggage and jumped on another train, which dropped us straight at the airport. The Copenhagen airport is super modern with gorgeous shops! We got to the airport quite a bit earlier than we had to, so mum and I could shop some more. Mum ended up buying a really cool pair of sunnies. I didn’t buy anything at the airport, because I bought an IQ game at the museum. The airport was so modern: all the checking in was digital, you put your own luggage barcodes and Tages on your bags, and you program and weigh your bags into the system, and then you send them down the convey belt. There are no humans, which is awesome!!Our whole journey through the airport went really smooth, which is quite unusual. We thought it was strange how they didn’t even check our passports once. At 5:00pm, we got on our first 1 hour flight to Oslo, Norway. We got off the flight, to see another small, super fancy, modern airport. We felt like we all had to whisper. The floor was marble, and practically everything else was timber. We only had a 1 hour layover, so not much time for dawdling.  We all made it on the plane in one piece, just before it started to rain. The 2nd flight to Ålesund was painless and super easy. We got off the plane, and within 20 minutes we had our bags. We then collected our rental car from Hertz, that we’re going to be keeping for 10 days. Dad booked a station wagon, for all the nice drives we’re going to be doing, but all they had left was a station wagon, so he was a bit upset by that, but at least it’s more comfy for us ;). We made it to the hotel mostly dry. Mum had checked in earlier, so it took practically no time. The room is super modern! We’re only staying here for one night, but the view is amazing, overlooking the water! We’re going to 2 Scandinavian countries: Denmark and a Norway. Denmark was more city, and Norway’s going to be more wilderness and adventurous!